Key Contact

Don Naetzker Headshot
Donald Naetzker, RLA Director of Planning

Brownfield Opportunity Area Planning

Brownfield redevelopment is smart and responsible growth, utilizing lands that are often well served by existing infrastructure and proximate to existing urban centers.  Communities across the country are undertaking projects to reclaim and redevelop land previously used for industrial and commercial purposes with known or suspect contamination. With proper assessment and identification of contaminants on a site, appropriate remediation measures can be implemented to prepare the site for future redevelopment. 

Fisher Associates has been at the forefront of brownfield redevelopment, supporting both public and private sector projects that have led to environmental restoration and new investment. Our experience covers a wide range of consulting services, from Brownfield Opportunity Area planning and site investigation to site design and construction. Fisher’s involvement often begins at the earliest stages of a prospective project and, through a comprehensive, ‘one-stop shop’ approach, evolves from preparation of revitalization plans and implementation strategies to site testing, remediation, and redevelopment. 

Our award-winning team of planners, engineers and scientists approaches every project in a holistic, comprehensive manner, helping transform a community’s derelict and underutilized properties to productive uses.  This approach has led to environmental restoration and significant new private investment often leveraged by public sector infrastructure improvements, revitalizing entire neighborhoods and communities in the process.