Key Contact

Don Naetzker Headshot
Donald Naetzker, RLA Director of Planning

A Multi-Modal Transportation Network

A robust multi-modal transportation network, that includes active transportation and micro-mobility, is critical to a community’s quality of life.   Our expert planners and engineers take pride in assisting communities develop their plans to achieve a higher quality of life through complete streets, placemaking, street “diets”, modal planning, curb management, parking analysis and importantly, by reconnecting neighborhoods.  Whether you are evaluating incorporating bicycle facilities, trails, or sidewalks within your community, or planning a complete streets corridor improvement, Fisher is ready to be your partner, and guide you through a collaborative planning process that identifies current issues, opportunities, design alternatives, and follow-on activities.  Our analysis assesses all impacts of constructing the desired improvements and offering alternatives to minimize impacts.  We prepare associated cost estimates and identify any right of way that may be needed as well as required permits and agency coordination.  Our planning reports serve as a sound foundation to move forward and apply for funding for design and construction.