Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

Public Buy-In is key.

In any project, public buy-in and support are essential to ensuring success. Effectively communicating the technical aspects of your project will empower the public and stakeholders, integrating them into the design process and garnering public enthusiasm, buy-in, and support. Fisher Associates’ public participation process is collaborative and iterative to build trust, educate and inform, and receive input. Our goal is to ensure that every stakeholder has access to vital information, understands the project and is afforded ample opportunity to provide input. Our public engagement specialists will work with you to craft a public involvement plan specific to your project area and context, aimed at engaging the public, allowing them to ask questions and offer ideas, and identify concerns.

Potential tools for Public Participation include:

  • Formal and informal public meetings (in-person and virtual)
    • Live streaming
    • Live polling
  • Concept displays
  • Design charettes
  • Site walk-throughs
  • Project websites
  • Project surveys
  • Project newsletters