Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

How you construct the project is just as important as the final project solution.

During Construction, Fisher Associates will be your problem solvers, creating infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment. We understand infrastructure life cycles and have the perspective to solve technical challenges with clarity and imagination to bring your projects to life. The projects undertaken by our staff include highways and bridges, commercial shopping centers, office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, parking structures, utilities and pipelines, industrial complexes, and more.

Our Construction Engineering Management expertise includes:

  • Temporary shoring design
  • Overhang jack design
  • Temporary shielding design
  • Construction loading analysis and letters
  • Erection plans
  • Demolition plans
  • Precast services
  • Temporary shoring towers and support beams
  • Construction maintenance and protection of traffic
  • Construction surveying
  • E&S revisions
  • Temporary bridge design
  • Alternate bridge design

Fisher has been recognized for our innovative construction engineering solutions that address contractor needs in a safe, cost-effective, schedule-conscious manner.  We are known for our ability to complete projects on short notice and with an aggressive schedule, which allows contractors to have on time completion of their projects.

What Our Clients are Saying

“Fisher Associates’ experience and expertise was instrumental in overcoming the unique design and construction challenges that each PennDOT project presented. You have a dedicated staff that is not only qualified, but also responsive to the timeliness of our needs.”

– Robert R. Gavlik, Secretary/Treasurer – Frank Gavlik & Sons, Inc. General Contractors