Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

It’s more than just pavement.

We perform all services associated with your highway projects from pavement maintenance and rehabilitation to complete reconstruction and new alignment designs. We understand that your roadways are more than just pavement.  They are vital links to, from, and within your community. 

Our Highway Engineering and Design Services include:

  • Pavement evaluations and designs
  • Municipal utilities
  • MUTCD compliance
  • Signal design
  • ADA compliance
  • Roadside design (including signage, striping, and guiderail)
  • Work Zone Traffic Control (WZTC)
  • Drainage (open and closed systems, retrofits, replacement and reconstruction)

We apply our highway design expertise and work with all involved agencies to obtain the necessary permits and approvals for your project.  Whether your project involves widening, utility work or the construction of a new intersection, we understand what the agencies need to see. From traffic impacts and maintenance and protection of traffic, to sight distance and geometric design, our Transportation Team has the experience that you need.