Lisa Oliver, P.E., is an accomplished engineer and the esteemed Director of Energy with over 3 decades of diverse experience in the field. Her extensive expertise spans various sectors, including renewables, airports, and municipal design, making her a true asset to Fisher Associates in her role as Director of Energy.

With a strong background in the renewable energy industry, Lisa has made significant contributions to the company’s energy division. She has been deeply involved in designing and constructing numerous wind, solar, and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects. Additionally, Lisa has provided crucial permitting support for Article 10 and 94-C projects in New York. Her unwavering commitment to upholding high professional standards, meticulous attention to detail, and broad technical knowledge positions her as an invaluable leader and technical overseer for the company’s engineering disciplines.

In her capacity as Director of Energy, Lisa assumes various responsibilities to ensure exceptional project management and client satisfaction. She skillfully oversees senior project managers, ensuring adherence to professional work standards and consistent communication with clients. Leveraging her comprehensive background, Lisa provides technical oversight across engineering disciplines, ensuring the implementation of standards and quality control procedures on all projects. She diligently reviews project designs, conducts independent assessments, and offers guidance to meet client needs effectively. Moreover, Lisa plays a crucial role in overseeing constructability reviews, ensuring the practicality and feasibility of project plans.

Lisa’s dedication to optimizing project and department performance is evident in her commitment to personnel development and efficient resource utilization. She proactively monitors and implements procedures to minimize rework and scheduling conflicts, ensuring seamless project progression. Lisa also takes measures to prevent out-of-scope work, promoting efficient project management. As a strong advocate for professional growth, she actively supports the development of individual competencies, fostering a culture of excellence within the department.

Lisa earned her Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Transportation Emphasis from the University of Minnesota and her Associates in Architectural Drafting and Building Technology from Anoka AVTI. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in 12 states.

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