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Utility Mapping Projects

Enbridge Energy Line 10

Buffalo, New York


Fisher Associates Survey teams provided Boundary, Topographic and Utility survey of three proposed pipeline re-route areas along the existing Enbridge Energy Line 10 located in Buffalo, NY. The three sites were 1) Millersport Highway at I-290; 2) Maple Road at I-290; and 3) Walden Avenue at I-90. Each site required field staff to detect, mark and locate the existing natural gas lines within the project limits. Other utility services were compiled from field locations visible at the time of survey and utility company record mapping. Boundary lines and highway right-of-ways were also determined. The time line for completion was critical to this project, as all survey was completed within 3 weeks.

Services provided:

  • Boundary, Topographic and Utility survey
  • Design survey

Five Points Correctional Facility

Seneca County, NY


Fisher Associates was responsible for all aspects of this 640-acre comprehensive boundary, topographic and utility survey to update the mapping of the facility. Fisher coordinated directly with the client to prepare the survey scope of work and cost, coordinated the field work and mapping and was responsible for the submittal of the final product. Tasks included in this project were photogrammetric mapping, boundary survey, topographic survey and field edit of manuscripts, utility survey and record utility mapping. Utilizing a one-man survey crew for a major part of the fieldwork, the project was completed on time and within budget.

Services provided:

  • Topographic
  • Utility survey/mapping

UB North Campus Phase 2 Site & Utilities

Buffalo, New York


The survey of this 462-acre campus provided a comprehensive campus site and utility survey to provide base-mapping that would be used during a key project in the UB 2020 Master Plan. For the horizontal and vertical control, Fisher coordinated with the surveying sub-consultant for Phase I to establish an extensive primary control network. The control network involved the use of eight (8) GPS receivers and a full day of observations between the two surveying firms. The adjusted network was utilized by both firms to reference their respective topographic and utility surveys. Our topographic and utility survey encompassed approximately 75 acres of parking lots, 110 acres of buildings and improvements, 5 acres of wooded areas, 6.5 miles of roadway and 1200 utility structures. Fisher managed the subsurface utility engineer to provide quality level B utility designations that were incorporated into the survey.

D261263 Traffic Intersection Surveys, NYSDOT, Region 3

Onondaga County, New York


The Fisher Associates Survey Team performed right-of-way, topographic and utility surveys of 22 traffic intersections located throughout Cayuga, Onondaga, Oswego and Seneca counties. Utility work included records research using the "Dig Safely New York" program and was combined with field locations of utilities visible at the time of survey. Additional research was performed directly with service providers and municipal facilities to assist with the mapping of existing utilities. Right-of-way research was performed at the NYSDOT Region 3 office to recover existing highway record plans, acquisition mapping and construction plans. Office mapping was based on the NYSDOT CAD standards. Each intersection site included mapping deliverables such as design files, DTM's, alignment files, wire elevation sketches, and a control report with survey baseline ties.