Utility Mapping

For managing utility conflicts, locating underground utilities and providing design engineers with the best available data is critical. Surveyors capture the locations of visible above and below ground utilities such as storm and sanitary sewers, water, electric, natural gas, steam and communication. Our surveyors obtain records from utility companies so that record plan information can be carefully anchored to physical features. Our 3D location of aerial appurtenances (wires, signal heads, and luminaries) allows designers to plan overhead components of projects, including placement of signal poles and arms and coordination with impacted utilities for relocations.


If Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE) is needed, we retain a firm to designate utilities and perform vacuum excavated test holes to provide more precise information on the depth and location of utilities. As survey subconsultants on two NYSDOT statewide agreements, our survey crews have worked on specialty SUE investigations in seven counties. By providing more accurate information on the location of underground utilities, designers can more carefully modify the alignment of roadway features, thus minimizing expensive utility impacts and relocation costs.

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